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I’m playing around with lots of different ideas all the time, but it doesn’t always see the light of day because I also really don’t enjoy the typical social-media thing very much 😵‍💫 This is where I’m trying to change that!

Sometimes I finish things, sometimes I explore them enough that I decide they don’t need to be finished, and often my brain gets distracted and I forget they even exist.

I’ll share all about that stuff here!

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Why subscribe?!?! You should subscribe if you want to get notified when I sporadically post about things I’m making or thinking about! That’s why subscribe!

Please don’t subscribe if you want something else from me. Or, even worse, if you expect something from someone else!

I have money things turned on if you want to support, but right now everything I share is going to be available for everyone for free! No pressure to do money stuff and please don’t expect me to do things on a schedule if you do. 🆒❤️

🏛️ You already gave McDonald’s and the Government your email! Why not me? 🍔

If I can be accused of anything it’s posting less than I say I will! And I’ll probably worry that I’m being annoying regardless! I really doubt I could pester you as much as the leagues of corporate marketing emails if I tried!

Put your email in here and I can join the hardware store and your dentist in your email inbox from time to time! 👀 Looks like you have a cleaning coming up! 🦷

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The Robot Fan Club is the home of all creations and ideas from Simon Peng 🐒 It's all about making stuff, doing art, and figuring things out! 🧠


I'm an artist making everything from illustration and games to cartoons that make people smile! I believe that art making is fundamentally human and I hope my work can help delight you enough to be driven to make something creative yourself!