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I’m playing around with lots of different ideas all the time, but it doesn’t always see the light of day because I also really don’t enjoy the typical social-media thing very much 😵‍💫 This is where I’m trying to change that!

Sometimes I finish things, sometimes I explore them enough that I decide they don’t need finished, and often my brain gets distracted and I forget they even exist. I’ll share all about that stuff here.

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If I can be accused of anything it’s posting less than I say I will. And I’ll probably worry that I’m being annoying regardless! I really doubt I could pester you as much as the leagues of corporate marketing emails if I tried!

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Here’s the thing, I’m pretty clever but I don’t have the time or knowledge to build a website and email subscription service from scratch. So I set all this up using a website called Substack. They handle all the tech, email collection/distribution, and web privacy stuff. 

I personally believe we all need to think more about our privacy online, so I wanted to be really honest and transparent up-front about that since I'm asking you to slam your contact information into a data-collection field.

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